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Very few adolescents ask their parents to bring them to therapy.  The decision to pursue therapy for your son or daughter is likely proceeded by multiple efforts to try and help.  Oftentimes it is a last resort when all other available options have been exhausted.  Your teen's initial investment in psychotherapy isn't required in order for psychotherapy to be beneficial.  By bringing your son or daughter to therapy you are often working alongside the developmental imperative that youth have to feel like they can solve and handle their problems on their own.  Mental health remains stigmatized among a large segment of youth. It often takes a little bit of time in the beginning stages of treatment for your son or daughter to be invested.  Experience has proven that with time even the most reluctant adolescent at the onset of treatment, can become one of the most motivated.  Problems that can be addressed in treatment include:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • trauma

  • self esteem issues

  • irritability and moodiness

  • anger

  • alcohol and drug abuse

  • social skills and peer relationship problems

  • family conflict

  • self regulation

  • grief and loss

  • chronic and acute illness


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