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My Approach

My work is most heavily informed by developmental theory and research, neuroscience, and attachment theory and research.  I have a strong background in the above mentioned approaches and this heavily guides my treatment.  

As a result there is a strong focus on attachment based work, trauma informed practice, and strategies that improve basic self regulation.  Each treatment is designed to meet people at their present level of functioning with the ultimate goal of helping them thrive.

I start with an initial intake and consultation with parents only.  This allows us to review procedural issues and also to discuss all of your concerns about your child or adolescent in a safe and comfortable environment.  During this appointment we will also discuss how to introduce therapy to your child and how we will work together to create a plan for his/her care.  

Over the course of a handful of sessions I will assess and orient your child to treatment. Contact will continue weekly between parents and myself.   Between week 4 and 6 we will schedule another parent follow up session where I will share impressions, provide recommendations, and give more detailed feedback about how to handle issues that arise for your child or adolescent at home.

Naturally my work with adults proceeds a bit differently as these procedures aren't necessary.  We will work together to craft your goals for treatment.  

I have had extensive training in a number of approaches that inform my work.  I am a Registered Play Therapist and Supervisor, have been certified in EMDR, completed Theraplay Level I training, the ALERT program, Mindfulness Based Practices, CBT, humanistic approaches, family therapy, and psychodynamic approahces.  I have had extensive training in art therapy and sandplay.  I  am currently in Phase I of certification for the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics as developed by the Child Trauma Academy and Dr. Bruce Perry.  

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