Welcome to my blog. Here I plan to address a whole host of issues, be they related to therapy practice, current issues impacting children and families, being a play therapist, clinical psychologist, parent, etc. In recent years I've felt the pull to return to some of my advocacy roots. I've always been a proponent of children and children's needs and have felt a responsibility to do what I can for some of our most vulnerable. After almost 17 years as a licensed psychologi

Moving a play therapy office....lessons learned.

Let's be clear. The decision to move locations for a play therapy practice is entirely therapist driven. Children are content with a 3'x3' space for play. I've done it countless times over the course of my professional life being relegated to former closets to do my work with children. Perhaps the most infamous location was the intern room at our beloved internship site. It shall go unnamed as it was an amazing training experience and I don't want to malign the site in a

Neurons Firing Randomly By Dr. Kim Vander Dussen